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The album Kaktuus by KakofoNIKT is an interpretation and translating cactus experience into the language of sounds. The compositions are arranged as consecutive stages of the contact with the cactus – starting from preparations, peeling it off the skin and spines, going through all the stages of the sensations up to the extreme effects. Kaktuus is the result of experiments with sound perception, methods of improvisation and attempts to evoke peak experiences through music.

Patryk Lichota – laptop, saxophones, prepared instruments
Szymon Mizera – hurdy gurdy + effects, didgeridoo, vocals
Hubert Wińczyk – devised objects, acoustic wave generator, effects, toy instruments, vocals
Tomasz Gęstwicki – live video


released January 15, 2013



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KakofoNIKT Poznań, Poland

KakofoNIKT – audio-visual group from Poznań, exploring the borders of industrial music, noise, free improvisation, sound installations and performance. The group uses such instruments as: metal garbage, damaged electronic devices, toy instruments, electronically processed hurdy-gurdy and saxophone, field recordings and real sounds, objects of everyday use and acoustic wave generators. ... more

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